Tough Decisions

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 Photos taken in my neighborhood.  Celebrating Springtime and all that is green--something I won't get next year.

I haven't been posting much lately because despite having loads to share, I am simply overwhelmed with life at the moment.  We are moving this summer, July 1st to be exact and school (where I am employed full time) ends June 30, how's that for nuts. Not only am I trying to purge my house of unnecessary clutter, I am also getting a daughter ready to send off to college and preparing for another international move.

The plan was always 3 years in Germany (which turned into 5) and then back to the United States for a few years. Unfortunately for me, my husband's BFF got a job with Saudi Aramco and guess who wanted to hop on that gravy train?  Yep, you guessed it, so now instead of glorious trips to Target, strolling around with popcorn and diet coke in my cart I will be throwing on a black abaya every time I want to leave the compound and hailing a cab because women aren't allowed to drive. 

I can say all this with a bit of sarcasm now, but it took me many months to make the decision to support my husband in this adventure. Leaving our oldest in the United States--a 20 hour plane ride away--has been my biggest concern (among about 25 others), but I've come to a place of peace and so has my oldest (I think).  Amazingly enough, I've met several people who have lived in Saudi Arabia and loved it, so I am hopeful that our experience will be a positive one.  Needless to say, I am going to have to come up with a new name for my blog since I won't be out and about in Europe anymore. If you've got a suggestion leave it in the comments below.

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  1. I imagined that is why you were not posting very much as I can only imagine you have a ton to post about as you gear up to leave. Saying goodbyes, eating one more time at your favorite restaurants and so on and so on. YOur oldest is going to just fine and I am sure any of your relatives would be more than willing to help her if she needed immediate help. The good thing is you know she is going to a realtively safe place and she is in good hands with many to help her through the process. I didn't realize you worked too! That explains how you could afford all these amazing adventures you have been taking. We take some pretty amazing adventures, but I have to say yours make me drool! WOW! Saudi! One of my good friends here in Georgia lived there for many years and has nothing but good to say about it! We also have another good friend who lived in Kuwait. My husband always teases me with going to the Middle East for work as he could easily get a job there; however, I am just not so sure I would want to live where it can reach temps of 120 and loosing my independence would be hard too! I am sure you are going to have an amazing time and I can only imagine more amazing adventures will soon follow. Now for a name: Adventures in Saudi /Out and About in Saudi/ Sweating to dealth in my Abaya. I am sure you will figure out the most perfect name. Enjoy every last minute in Munich!

  2. I know that feeling of having so much to write that you end up not writing much. Good on you to support your hubby on this new adventure. I've been to Germany on school exchange trips a few times; what a lovely place and fab people. I bet Saudi will have its own perculiarities that you will end up really enjoying, and missing when you leave.

    Perhaps your blog could now be outandaboiutintheworld OR outandabout OR outandaboutineuropenbeyond (or and instead of n after europe); all the best as you choose something that works for you. Glad you had the time to come to terms with your new move too; it can be very unsettling to make huge decisions too quickly. #aNoviceMumCommentLuv

  3. That is huge news and I can just imagine how hard a decision it was to take. Good luck with all the practicalities. How abut Inside Saudi?

  4. Beautiful photos. I bet it was a hard decision but I'm sure in a few months time you'll be settled in

    Thank you for linking up

  5. I love the photo with the bike, funnily enough I've just bought myself one today

  6. Wow, what a surprise in the journey for you. I'm glad you have peace about it. Maybe you can just look at it as a new adventure.The bike shot is great under that interesting tree.

  7. I bet it was a hard decision, but E will be fine, and it's only a plane ride away after all. I am so jealous you are on your way somewhere exciting, and just think of all those amazing places you will have on your doorstep! Enjoy the last few weeks in DE! Saudi awaits! PS. I know plenty of people who have lived there and LOVED it! :)

  8. Aww so many things happening in there. Goodluck with the move. I have a lot of friends who are in Saudi Arabia. They loved it there too. =) #mysundayphoto