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Once of the best things about living in Bavaria is all the religious holidays they observe. Between April and June you can barely go two weeks without a day off and it is awesome! On one such weekend, we drove to Budapest. We'd been once before for Bob to run a marathon, but it was a quick trip that left us wanting more, so it was an easy decision to return. 

The first night we were there we attended a string quartet concert in the Matthias church on the Buda side of the river. These concerts cater to tourists who don't have the time or luxury of dressing up and spending an evening doing proper cultural things. The musicians play very recognizable classic music and concerts last one hour. It is perfect if you are traveling with children. 

Tickets can be purchased one hour before the show starts and never sell out, making it very easy to just drop in.  The setting inside the church was beautiful and acoustics were great.