Let The Tears Commence--Things I will miss about Germany 30 Day Countdown

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Day 13: Only available at Christmas and Frühlings Fest, these tasty bread dough treats are a family favorite. They are dipped in butter/oil then rolled in a number of toppings. Our favorites are cinnamon sugar and cocos. We've found them year round in other places like Prague and Budapest, so they aren't unique to Germany. If you get a chance, try them--piping hot right out of the oven is best.


  1. This is a speciality from Prague actually, I think it's not really German. ;) But the 2 countries are so close that we can find them indeed !

  2. I have had these in Prague and I agree they are really good. I had the cinnamon sugar type. Never seen them in Germany, but it has been a long time since we have spent Christmas in Germany.