Let The Tears Commence--Things I will miss about Germany 30 Day Countdown

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Day 9: Every woman knows a good hairstylist is hard to find and when you do, you keep her. Which is why, when Rita moved from the super convenient location near my house to down town Munich, I followed her. Saturday I had my had done for the last time. She has been doing my hair for 4 years and I love it that she knows what to do and when I am in need of a change she will do what I ask. I will miss my Rita--I should have taken a picture of her, not sure what I was thinking. 


  1. I feel your pain. I use to travel 2 hours for my hairdresser. But the good news is, eventually I found an even better one. I'm sure you will too!

  2. Yap you will find a new "bff" in your next stop.