Let The Tears Commence--Things I will miss about Germany 30 Day Countdown

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Day 5: Proximity to awesome destinations--Munich is in the south-eastern corner of the country and optimally located for car travel. In 2.5 hours I can be in Salzburg, in 4 I can be in Prague, Slovenia or Northern Italy. 6 hours puts me in Budapest, Berlin or Florence, in 9 I am in Paris and with 12 hours I can reach Barcelona.

We have loved all the travel we've been able to do. Europe is such an amazing continent with such unique and diverse countries. We feel blessed to have been able to take such good advantage of this opportunity and will really, REALLY miss all this travel. 


  1. So jealous of those who live in Europe for this reason.

  2. Did you guys ever visit the Zugspitze ? Enjoy your stay in the states!!