Let The Tears Commence--Things I will miss about Germany 30 Day Countdown

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Day 2: The joy that comes when it's actually nice outside.  This is sort of tongue in cheek--the weather is notoriously bad here. Well, maybe not bad, just never consistently good and can change on a dime. When the weather is nice parks fill with people, bicycles clog the roads and potato chips sell out at my small market. I've never been such a weather watcher as I am here and now where I am headed I practically won't need a weather channel--hot and dry every day.  Will that become boring to me? I know for sure I will miss the green all that rain gives us. My kids keep saying, "we know mom, you are going to miss how green Germany is!" I must have said it 1000x in the last month.

So, my dear Germany--I will miss your rolling green hills, your verdant trees and lucsious gardens and the JOY everyone feels when the sun shines.