Rose Bowl Flea Market

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For my sister's 40th birthday her husband treated the two of us to a girls weekend get-a-way to California. Top on our list of priorities was shopping the Rose Bowl Flea Market. The second Sunday of every month Pasadena hosts the MASSIVE treasure chest. $8 buys you entrance and practically guarantees a fun day.  You can find practically everything at this market from antique furniture, rugs, and nicknacks to clothes, new merchandise and junk.

My sister and I loved chatting it up with the individual sellers who were super willing to help us find what we were looking for and share deal finding tips. Most were willing to bargain--one lady I bought a map from wasn't so keen on wheeling and dealing, but another seller who was having a slow day took my offer of $25 less than his asking price on the piano scroll I wanted. Bottom line, it doesn't hurt to ask!

This is also a hotspot for tv/movie stars and celebrity designers. My sister guaranteed me a celeb spotting, but alas we were having so much fun together that we forgot to look. As we were walking back to the car, treasures in hand, my sister proclaimed in disappointment "aww, I didn't spot any celebrities!"  I wasn't disappointed though, we managed to have a fabulous day together anyway!

The Details
When: Second Sunday of every month
Time: 9am-3pm
Where: Rose Bowl
Parking: Free parking onsite or VIP parking $15
Tip: Wear sensible shoes! The grounds are massive and by the end of the day your feet will be sore.
Start early. To beat the heat bring an umbrella and wear sunscreen. Bring cash! Some vendors do have credit card machines, but most prefer cash and bring more than you expect to spend. There are ATM's at the entrance, but the last thing you want to do is walk half a mile back to the entrance when you are deep inside the market!


  1. What a great day! I'm sure you and your sister had a great time. Junk and antique heaven!!! Have a lovely week.

  2. What fun! Looks like some great things!