Warner Brother's Studio Tour

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Despite the fact that my husband comes from San Diego and we visit often, we NEVER go beyond North County. So playing tourist in Los Angeles with my sister was so much fun! We drove around historic neighborhoods, movie star neighborhoods and classic tv show neighborhoods like Bel Air. We drove down Hollywood Blvd, the Sunset strip and through the hills to the Griffith Observatory. We hunted down the grave stone of Andy Gibb and even spotted two celebs at the Grove--which by the way--I am a celebrity's dream because I don't recognize ANYONE, my sister had to point out both to me. 

As part of our "ultimate tourist experience" we took the Warner Brother's studio tour. Super interesting and a fun way to spend two hours. We toured the back lot where a scene from Jurassic World was filmed. We saw the New York styled apartment building used in the movie Annie. We saw the set for Pretty Little Liars and the Big Bang Theory, saw the stage where Friends was filmed and even toured Ellen's sound stage, but my favorite part of the entire day was the Batman exhibit. On display are the cars, costumes and other memorabilia--most fascinating to me where the costumes worn by the women.  The waist of the green dress worn by Maggie Gillenhall is crazy tiny and Michelle Pfeiffer must have been sewn into her cat suit with absolutely no ability to breath--it is nuts! Don't let me fool you though, I am just jealous! 

There is also a room dedicated to Harry Potter. Given I've never read the books or watched the movies (much to the chagrin of my daughters) it didn't excite me that much, but knowing my daughter would be so jealous I took a few pictures for her. 

If you are in the LA area and want to get your movie/tv trivia on, head to the Warner Bro. Studio tour, not only was it fun to see the sets, but it gave me insight into the massive industry behind the entertainment business. 

Address: 3400 Warner Bro. Blvd
Hours: Tours run daily 8am - 5:30pm
Cost: $50/person
Parking: If you are lucky you can snag one of the free 2 hour spots in front of the building, otherwise you will pay $10 to park in a lot designated for tour attendees. 



  1. Yes I would definitely have to visit if I was in that part of the world.

  2. Fascinating!
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  3. Fun photos. I loved my day at Warner Bros Studio.

  4. Glad you finally did the "touristy" thing in SoCal.

  5. I visited LA recently but I didn't have the chance to see the WB Tour. We visited Disneyland instead. So thank you for sharing these with us.