The Sendoff

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So this is it...the object of our desires the last few years...getting Eliza into BYU!  At the beginning of summer it seemed so far away, but finally the time arrived to move her into the dorm signaling the the end of summer and our move to Saudi Arabia.   Parent orientation  did its best to put our fears to rest as this is as much a transition for the parents as it is the students.  

There are about 5000 incoming Freshman.
 This fun activity is a Freshman tradition.

Leaving Eliza was awful and perhaps the hardest thing I've had to do as a mommy. We were all a bit of a mess when it came time to actually say goodbye; we were sad and she was a bit trepidatious. What a season of change we have had. Eliza graduating, our move from Germany, Eliza beginning university and our move to Saudi Arabia. One of these transitions alone is challenge enough, but all in the one summer pushed us to our emotional limit. 

I am so thankful she is in a good place surrounded by friends from the past to keep her company and I love getting pictures like this one below from her very first football game! BYU is indeed a unique university where her worldly studies are punctuated by a recognition of God's hand in the universe. I could not part with her if it were any less of a place.  

Oh, rise and shout, the cougars are out along the trail to fame and glory! 
Rise and Shout, our cheers will ring out as you unveil your vic'try story! 

What will be Eliza's story? It's completely up to her, but we will be cheering her on from afar--(from very far!).