Where Can I Turn For Peace

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When I need an extra measure of peace or want a bit of solitude or if I am in need of answers to questions this is one of the places* I go. When you enter everyone changes into white clothes as a symbol of purity and unity. It's amazing how that simple act alone can focus your mind from distraction. While there are buildings such as these all over the world, there are 13 in Utah alone which makes it much easier for me to pop in--The grounds of these lovely buildings are as much a part of the experience. They are always immaculately kept and as colorful as the Garden of Eden. They inspire contemplation, reverence and gratitude for the beauty this earth is blessed with.

I spent 2 weeks in Provo getting Eliza settled into school and was blessed to to be staying about 2 minutes from this building. I loved going early in the morning when my mind was fresh and respective. 

*Now that we live in Saudi Arabia, I have been counseled to be a bit vague when it comes to things of a spiritual nature, like not mentioning certain words or names that might seem to be evangelizing. I will do my best to be true to my belief system while being respectful of my host country. 

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