A Western American Past time

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Nothing is more Western than a rodeo and when your family lives in Wyoming you are bound to visit at least one during the summer. It was quite impressive to watch these sportsmen and women as they roped calves, rode bulls and barrel raced. 

When I was a child I didn't enjoy the lassoing of the animals, but I think the rules have changed over the years because the riders really were gentle with their animals. And, in being around my cousins and other ranchers I've learned how much they respect these animals who help them perform their jobs on the land and those that will eventually provide food to their families.   I've said it before, my ranching cousins are some of the hardest working people I know, with kind old fashioned values, a strong faith in God and a desire to be good stewards over the land. 
The kids loved the rides and I enjoyed the carnival food! I wish I'd taken pictures of the homemade donuts that were so good we went back for a second plate full.
These are the brand markings of the ranchers.

Every town has a rodeo queen. She competes at the country level, state and even tri-state level.

The bucking Bronco event was fantastic! I sat on the edge of my seat praying the rider wouldn't be trampled on when he came flying off the horse.
So, the next time you are in the West, be it Utah, Wyoming, Montana or Idaho find yourself a rodeo, a small local one will do, they happen every weekend during the summer. I promise there is something for everyone to enjoy even if it's just the sunset.