Adventure on the River

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This photo makes me smile for a number of reasons, both stylistically and personally.
1. This was adventure time with the cousins.
2. I've captured the moment Eliza realized there was a barbed wire line crossing the river and Eden is blissfully unaware.
3. I love the catchlights glistening off the water.
4. I almost discarded this photograph. In color there were too many distractions, but in b/w it works so much better. For me, it's a great capture of youth.

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  1. I love learning about the photograph's background story.

  2. Inflatables and barbed wire do not mix well together. Fine b&w photo documenting a day of great adventure.

  3. Your photo is full of life and youth!

  4. Lovely shot, I always find it amazing how a photo can trigger so many memories and feelings - that's why I always take so many photos! Thank you for the lovely comments on my last post too. - Tasha

  5. Now that is what summer and free time should be about


  6. They are having great fun! Nice picture!
    Visiting from The Weekend in B&W, Hilde

  7. That looks so much fun! The photo works well.

  8. What a beautiful photo! I love the movement in it, and I think it works very well as a B & W shot.

    Thank you for sharing it with us at Photo Friday!