Krampus Run

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One thing I have loved about living in Germany is participating in unique traditions.  The Krampus tradition first came on my radar a few years ago when I read about these "alternative" creatures of Christmas in National Geographic magazine.  When I stumbled upon an advertisement for a Krampus parade right in Munich I was ecstatic.  My children were a little bit leary and my husband (a parade hater) refused to go (party pooper), but I made the girls go with me and we LOVED IT!  

Let me back up and give a bit of history...the Krampus are sort of the antitheses of of St. Nicolaus. They come to terrorize naughty children and deliver whippings.  They carry large bells which make loads of noise and wear frightful masks, but these scary creatures are really just out for a naughty good time.  This 500 year old tradition is largely found in Southern Bavaria and the Sud Tirol and their costumes are somewhat dictated by their region of origin.
Eden was a favorite with the Krumps--perhaps it is her angelic face, but several came her way to tousle her hair or pull her hat off.  The parade lasted only about 30 minutes beginning in Karlsplatz, ending in Marianplatz.  If you are going to be in Munich next December I would mark your calendar because this is a parade you should not miss.  Enjoy the photos!


  1. The masks look horrifying!!!! I think I'd have nightmares if I witnessed that parade as a child. :p Did your husband regret not going with you all? :)

  2. Such an interesting tradition and one I have never heard of! Thanks for sharing this. Also guess I had better quit my browsing here before I find that I have spent the entire day at the computer! Best to you! Jeanne