The Best of Christmas--Strasbourg

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For Christmas week I am going to re-run some old blog posts--favorites from Christmas' past. 

For our Christmas vacation we decided to go to Paris, but instead of driving straight there we decided to   drive half way and stay the night in Strasbourg.  We had heard that it was a good place to visit, but we didn't expect to fall in love with the place.  It is a must see!  It is by far the best Christmas town we've seen.  The city center was draped in holiday decorations, from lights, trees and manger scenes to chandelier lite passageways, ribbon bunting and Christmas trees. It was absolutely festive and a treat for the eyes!

You know how you always hear that American fast food is just absolute garbage food.  Newsflash--Europe's fast food isn't any better, just look at that hotdog covered in cheese and bacon!