A Day Trip to Julian

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An hour east of San Diego in the Cayamaca Mountains lies the quaint little town of Julian. A historic gold mining town, Julian never really took off, but the towns people stayed to eek out a living and now it is popular with day trippers and people seeking a bit of solace in the clean air. 

We spent a delightful summer afternoon up there in July with my sister in law and niece. The sleepy town is full of antique stores and treat shops and can I just say, we sampled about 5 different treats in one afternoon and took home a few pies to boot.  It was awesome!  Stop by the restored town jail from 1920 and the Gold Mine Museum for a bit of history or just enjoy eating your way down Main Street. 


  1. America is so full of interesting little towns worthy of visit.

  2. Looks like a fun little town to visit and what a fun outing with your sister, one that is probably pretty rare with your living abroad.