Reagan Library

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Located halfway between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara on top of a beautiful hilltop overlooking Semi Valley sits the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.  We'd never been to a Presidential Library before so we didn't really know what to expect, I wasn't even sure if it would be appropriate for children or if they would be bored.  After hearing that locals elementary schools take field trips there we decided to pile in the car and head up and wow, I am so glad we did! 

Talk about interesting!  Not only is the library the depository for Reagan's personal letters and papers, but it houses a full size Air Force One.  The museum chronicle's Reagan's life from childhood through his acting days and on into his political career. Moving video footage recollects his negotiations with Russia and the peace talks that begged the Berlin Wall to come down. In fact, sitting outside in the garden is a section of the Berlin Wall. 

Obviously, Air Force One is a big hit with the children, but one can also see a replica of Reagan's Oval Office, a selection of Nancy's dresses and his grave site outside in the garden.  
Address: 40 Presidential Dr. Simi Valley, CA 93065
Hours: 10am-5pm 7 days a week
Cost: $16 adults, $9 youth, $6 children
Parking: Free parking onsite

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  1. I've never been either. As much as we like to travel, we can't seem to get our butts in SoCal, such a pity. There's so many things/places I want to see in that part of the state.

  2. Your Semi Valley is spelled wrong. It is Simi! That was where I was born. You asked about summer plans. Well, we had everything lined up for Munich leaving the 25th of April and I started to look at tickets. The very next day, we got a phone call from our adoption agency asking us if we wanted to adopt a little girl who is 20 months old. Well, she is beautiful and we said yes! Totally crazy! So Munich is postponed as the adoption is pretty expensive and we won't have her certificate of citizenship in time to travel. It takes three months to get that and without that no passport. Oh well! I am going to go to a wedding though in spain in June. The wedding is in Toledo. Should be stunning. Here is our story!

  3. I am yet to pay a visit to this library but from stories I hear from friends I have been told that it is extraordinary I think I need to take a trip down there considering president Ronald Reagan was such an iconic individual having a library named after him is quite a big deal.