Wadi Shab

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Ever popular with tourists and locals alike, Wadi Shab is an easy day trip from Muscat and contrary to internet advice, you do not need a 4 wheel drive vehicle to get there. You do need about 4 hours though if you plan to hike all the way to the cave at the back of the wadi and back out again. We spent too much time at other sites along the way and didn't arrive until 4pm which, with the setting sun did not allow us enough time to make it all the way to the cave, so we contented ourselves with the pools about a mile in.  
Directions: About 1 hr. 30 min south of Muscat on I 17. Brown signs will point the way when you get close.
Parking: Park in the village or on the road in front of the beach.  Entrance to the Wadi is underneath a highway bridge.
Getting Across: To actually access the path that leads you into the wadi you must cross the river. This can be done in two ways, either a 60 second ferry ride (for a nominal fee) or for the more brave, you can walk across the murky waters. We chose to walk, but beware the river floor is very mucky and your shoes will likely get stuck.
Caution: Be mindful of the conservative local population by not wear two piece bathing suits.
Restrooms and Snack bar: You will find both at the mouth of the wadi.
The above photo is not my own. I did not dare pull out my camera for fear of slipping.  But this is exactly what we did.  Water is only waist deep. When you reach the other side it is pretty straight forward, follow the path back. It's about 3km to the cave.  Parents with small children should be mindful, there are a couple of places along the trail that have steep drop offs into the pools below and there is no railing.  Otherwise, it's a family friendly outing--enjoy!

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  1. Looks wonderful!

  2. This looks awesome. A real oasis in the desert. I have seen other bloggers show this as well. Was it crowded when you were there?

  3. The colour of that water is amazing


  4. The rock formations in this place are just lovely, and what an amazing place to have a pool to swim in. Love your shots looking down at your family. Bet it was fun