Learning to Cook Goulash Soup in Budapest

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Eliza and I had such a good time at the cooking class we did in Barcelona that I decided it was Eden's turn. We booked a class with Chef Parade in Budapest where the menu was the very traditional Hungarian Goulash Soup with fresh pressed noodles and fruit pastries for dessert. 

Here's what I liked about Chef Parade--they welcomed Eden. She was included in every aspect of the cooking process and so she had a great time. The cooking class was very well organized and there were enough instructors to answer individual questions while keeping the class on track. The food was made with "easy to find" ingredients. There is almost nothing "special" I need to make goulash soup in Saudi Arabia. And lastly, our group was an international mix of individuals from all over the globe so the conversation was always enjoyable. 

A few things to note--Chef Parade is not run by real chefs, at least not our group, so if you are looking for expert cooking advice they don't have it. Our menu was traditional comfort food; food you would make for your family on a week night, but not perhaps for a dinner party. Tasty, but not necessarily show stopping. 

I've included the recipes below. 


  1. Wow! Such interesting blog and life :) Will definitely visit again! Have a happy Wednesday.

    1. Thank you--our life has its ups and downs, but it is good!

  2. My husbands grandmother was Hungarian. I bet he'd like this recipe.

  3. Such a very fun day with your daughter!

  4. I find goulash very interesting. It's very popular in Eastern Europe but its recipe and style change from country to country. The best part is that they are always good and so comfy! I will try this recipe soon.