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Taking a break--we won the bid for a house on the main compound last week and that means we will be moving one last time and finally settling down for the long haul.  We've been living on a small, one square mile compound since last August. It is pleasant enough, it has tennis courts, a swimming pool and bowling alley, but it is 30 minutes from the main compound where Bob works and Eden attends school, so being on Main Camp as it's called, will be much more convenient.

So, I am boxing up again everything that I unpacked to make our temporary home feel "homey." We will be busy with contractors over the next few weeks getting the house painted and a patio built in the backyard to provide a bit of shade, so I don't anticipate getting too many posts out.

My older daughter mentioned she wanted to see pictures of the compound but, I am sorry to say, we are not supposed to take pictures. Supposedly, it is for our safety--whatever the reason, I am complying.

Happy Monday to everyone, enjoy your week. 


  1. That's exciting news. Is the main compound where everything is located as well, like grocery stores and whatnots?

    1. Yes, there is a bigger grocery store (although I will likely still shop off compound for best prices on local produce), hospital, movie theater, library etc. It is like a small town and we can dress normally and best of all, I can drive on the compound.