New House: Project #1

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We are renting a home from the company my husband works for. The rules are pretty simple; you can do what you want, but when you leave you must return the house to it's original condition. Let me say a word about the "original condition" of the home--Just about everyone I know makes changes that only add value and the fact that we have to return anything back to it's original condition is laughable.
We aren't making too many changes right off the bat--I want to get in there and stare at the walls a bit, see how/where the sun light hits and how my furniture will go together. We are however, painting Eden's room and the picture below is my inspiration.  Can't wait to see how I do. Will post before/after pics when finished.


  1. That looks like a photo from a magazine.

    1. It is. This is something I pulled off Pinterest. My version has only 5 colors and they are a little more bright.

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  2. Looking forward to see your result. I also just moved to Sweden and I have been enjoying starting over in a new flat again. Have fun!