The Hunt For A Kuckucksuhr

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To be honest, I've never been into coo-coo clocks. It's the kind of thing your grandmother has hanging on her wall, they are old fashioned and doesn't the coo-coo sound become annoying after a while? But, then I moved to Germany and I lived on Kuckucksblumenstrasse. How's that for a street name? It literally translates into coo-coo bird flower; even German's thought the name was a little ridiculous. But I loved it and after living 5 years on said street, decided we needed a Kuckucksuhr to commemorate our time in Germany.  

Choosing one is no easy task--there are hundreds if not thousands to choose from. Each clock shop specializes in a particular look. Hand or machine made. Electric or hand wound, 3 or 7 days? Heavy wooden weight pulls or ornamental metal pinecones? The more intricate you get the more expensive the clock becomes and there is an entire town dedicated to producing coo-coo clocks. When I told my my German neighbor I was going to buy a clock, she turned up her nose. She swears they are only made for American tourists and that it is not a "German" thing. She may be right, I've never actually seen them in German houses. Be that as it may, I wanted one and we made a weekend out of it. 
After visiting all the stores in Triberg, I found MY clock at the Haus der SchwartzwaldUhren.  They offered fantastic customer service--staying open a little later so I could "make up my mind." They also shipped my clock directly to Saudi Arabia which was a huge blessing! The VAT refund (which they offer in store at time of purchase) paid for shipping, so I wasn't out any extra money. The store is family owned and operated--you can even watch Mr. Herr carve clock decorations. They took a great deal of care in packaging the clock for shipment and gave me a book reminding me how to set up/care for my clock.  

House of Black Forest Clocks
Address: 7 Landstrasse Hornberg, DE 78132

We stayed in the small village of Schönwald just outside of Triberg which is where most of the clock shops are. Schönwald was the perfect backdrop for walking in the Black Forest, listening to real Coo-coo birds singing and just relaxing a bit. The picture below was the view off my apartment balcony.

This is the clock I chose. Sorry the picture is so crummy, I pulled it off my i phone from when I was shopping back in May. The rocking horses actually rock and the dancers at the top go in circles. As we've just moved into our permanent home and I'm waiting to paint walls, I still haven't hung it yet, but I am so excited to get it out, I can hardly wait. 
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  1. What a beautiful clock and with such a nice story behind it. I hope you enjoy it and that you get used to the noise.

  2. what a wonderful shop! a childhood friend of mine had a cuckoo clock and i used to find it fascinating! have a beautiful week! <3 visiting via GRF

  3. Love the story of your new clock which I know you will treasure! I am going to Germany next month and may look in to this place

    1. Jeanne, Enjoy your trip! I hope you will just love it.

  4. I am surprised at the comment about cuckoo clocks made for tourists only, but there may be truth to that.

  5. Oh wow - my parent's used to have a cucuck's clock! But I have never this this original one - this outing looks so much fun! This would be perfect to add to my new linky list/meme SEASONS - hope you can join me -today or tomorrow the link is open. (You don't need a perma link) should take you right there.

  6. What precision clocks! I've always loved coocoo clocks.Thanks for playing today.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

  7. What a great place to visit. The cuckoo clocks are wonderful. I like the name of street you lived on, that is crazy long. Great post and photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  8. What a beautiful set of shots of a beautiful place!

  9. Well those clocks are German tradition. Love your images of them! You have a great blog. Thank you so much for sharing with "Through My Lens"

    Mersad Donko Photography

  10. I like your choice and a lovely background story to go with it.

  11. My oldest sister brought our folks a coo coo clock from their years in Germany many years ago. I would love to have that clock but alas, who knows where it went after mom passed away? Good luck on your new journey in Saudia Arabia. That is quite a different in climate and people and I m happy I stopped by. Sadly we will no longer have Smiling Sally as our Blue Monday hostess. She passed away yesterday. I was stunned to hear the news even though I knew how ill she had been. I will add blues to my Monday posts in the future. I wish you safe travels. Thank you for sharing.

  12. This post and your lovely photos took me back! We lived for some years near Freiburg in the Schwarzwald and liked to go to Triberg on Sunday afternoons to walk, look at the shops, climb up behind the waterfall and then have Kaffe und Kuchen in a Konditorei. Your clock will carry fond memories with you as you travel further.

  13. Oh fun. The Black Forest was one of our all time favorite trips. We already had our coo-coo clock by the time we visited there, but still it was amazing to walk through all the shops and to see so many choices. Triberg was and feeding the squirrels and black bird at the waterfall was so much fun.

    Lisa @ LTTL