Santa Semana--Seville

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We are in Spain for the Easter holidays and so posting will be sporadic. I decided I'd post at least one Instagram a day--simple and quick.

The people in the photo below are called Nazarenos, they dress in these robes as part of the religious ceremonies that go on all over Spain. They will walk for hours in parades through out the city, many carrying large candles.  We became friends with a woman who is a Nazarenos in her Parish and she confirmed, no one really knows the origins or meaning of the robes. That is so unsatisfying to me because you know there was purpose in these costumes at one time, so I've created my own narrative...

We worship in secret and/or we are so embarrassed by our sins that we cover ourselves in shame. I am sure you could really explore and develop these ideas, but this is supposed to be quick and simple.