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Armed with a Diet Coke, a liter of water and a fresh almond croissant, I board the train, select a seat and settle in for my 2 hour ride down to Mittenwald. I'm hiking today. Not 100% sure what route I will take, I'm hoping a sign will direct me once I arrive. Bob would hate that I'm not prepared. He has to have a plan, a legit destination with directions. I do have a plan, it's called winging it. I just want to be in the mountains. I just want to be someplace green where the air is crisp. I want my heart and lungs to work today. 
We're passing through Starnberg, I don't even have to see the lake to know, the mansions tell me so. If I were a mansion owner, I'd be ticked off the train comes so near my house. 

Admittedly, Diet Coke and an almond croissant aren't the ideal way to start your day, but I already had breakfast-- chocolate granola mixed with fitness flakes and low fat milk. I almost passed the croissant altogether but I need a couple of napkins for the inevitability that I will have to tinkle in the forest and this provides the perfect excuse. 

The man sitting across from me just pulled out a map, he's going cycling as evidenced by the biker shorts he's wearing. He studies the map. Maybe I need a map.  Dang it, why did I get rid of all our maps when we left Germany. Maybe I will buy a map when I get to Mittenwald. Dang Germans, always so prepared and now I'm not feeling so confident. 

We are passing through quaint villages now. The undulating hills and yellow rapeseed fields make my heart happy. More fields with wooden sheds in the middle. I've never understood this. Why is there a shed in the middle of a green field. It's not for animals, I've never seen an animal in one of these sheds. 

Aww, the mountains have come into view. They are snow capped. I hope I'm warm enough.  

My biker must be getting off at the next stop, he's pulled out his sun cream and is applying it liberally over his body. Dang it, I didn't bring sunscreen. My face is going to get burned. I used to not worry so much about sunscreen but I've begun to get sunspots. 

We are passing through Eschenlohe now. This brings back fond memories. A terrible traffic jam into Garmisch prompted us to exit the freeway and hike in these hills. We ran into families bringing their cows out of the mountains.  This celebration, at the end of summer is called viehscheid
The mountains are gorgeous and green. 
I'm wearing tennis shoes. Who hikes in tennis shoes. I'm irritated bc I have hiking sandals at home but I didn't wear them for fear of cold. It's warmer than weather channel said it would be. 
We're pulling into the station now. Everyone is standing up, pulling on their day packs and grabbing their poles. Everyone looks "official." The Deuter backpack, Mammoth rain jacket, hankerchief around the neck and proper footwear--NOT NEON GREEN NIKE RUNNING SHOES. They all look like they know where they are going. Perhaps I'll just follow this father/son team.  
On second thought, I'll pop into the tourist information center and get guidance from them.  
Armed with a plan (and a map) I am off.  Gosh, these mountains are gorgeous! 
This is why I wasn't worried about having a route beforehand! 


  1. So glad that I discovered your blog today through Photo Friday. For many years we lived in Bavaria in Poecking a small village overlooking the Starnberger See and your humorous tale and stunning photos brought back many happy memories of those times.
    We now live in Normandy, France please pop over for a visit if you get a chance.

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I love Budapest-- it was one of our last holidays before leaving Germany last year. My mother did the same thing while visiting me--falling. She was wearing cute, but too tall shoes for our stomp around the castle and down she went. I am only back in Germany for a two week holiday--we miss it!

  2. You don't need the fancy equipment when you are a true hiker inside ;)
    I hate to repeat myself... but your pictures are awesome again.

  3. Judging from your photos it didn't really matter whether you had a plan or not for hiking at Mittenwald. Any route you took would be beautiful.

  4. You obviously took the beautiful route as your photos are amazing. The mountains looks so majestic and the little anemones are so pretty. I occasionally see little sheds in fields here in New Zealand but have no idea what they would be for. I hope you find out and share!

  5. I have been in the situation you mention in here so many times. But, every time I try to wing it, things fall in place. I will gladly wing it in this place you visited. It is worth getting lost among those mountains and lakes.

  6. What a wonderful landscape, you need to be happy you can walk there and see all this beauty.

  7. What a stunning region and great photos. I love the style of giving a running commentary and your self doubt too, very entertaining.

  8. Oh my word! Beautiful outing and beautiful post about it! So glad I happened upon your blog. We are part time ex pats in Greece - and love it!

  9. What a beautiful place to hike...I can almost smell the fresh air captured in your beautiful photos!