Trek Day 2

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Have I mentioned how much I loved the darling Nepali children. 
This post was written by fellow trek mate, Trish Johnson
Most photos taken with my iphone

Trek Day 2: Ulleri to Ghorepani
Our second day on the trail dawned clear & cool. We had porridge for breakfast on the hotel terrace under the gaze of Annapurna South & Hinchuli.
This sweet woman let me photograph her sifting millet seeds
The trail was much easier - still climbing, but now with flat & shady spots. Rhododendron trees lined the path and the mountainsides were dotted with blazes of red from the trees that were flowering. The trail traversed several really beautiful creeks, some with waterfalls.
This guy just cracked me up. Here he is bringing donkeys up a hill in the middle of the mountains where there is no automotive transportation, but he is talking on a cell phone.
We only walked for about 4 hours today - a rest day - but were treated to the breathtaking views of the mountains when we arrived at tonight's guesthouse, the Nice Viewpoint Lodge & Restaurant.
That log is actually a bee hive. It is hollowed out and then plugged from the side. Ingenious! 
Water buffalo in our paths became a common sight. 
Look at this amazing view. My mood improved significantly when we arrived at this! 


  1. What a wonderful adventure you are having in spectacular scenery. Love the close ups of people and the wood pile

  2. Awesome adventure. I wonder if I could handle this physically.

    1. We had a varying degree of fitness levels on the trip with two women at the back that finished each day 2 hours after the rest of us, but they did it! Slow and steady!

  3. Such colorful shots that offer up a peek into a world unknown to me. Thank you for linking in with "Through My Lens".

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. loving following you ( albeit backwards) on this amazing trek! Such a wonderful and privileged experience this is