Trek: Day 5, The Finish Line!

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This may be my favorite post of pictures yet! Our last day was wonderful--I got up early to photograph the mountains one last time when I heard rustling in the trees and then I saw it...MONKEY'S! What a fun surprise! Coming out of the mountains we passed through small villages perched on the terraced sides of the mountain. We watched people working in their fields dressed in colorful skirts. This land is amazing--poor, challenged, broken, but still amazing. I am ending this post with a poem written by one of our trek mates, Kari Wells describing some of what we felt during our trek. Enjoy! 
It was the night before the trek, and all through the hotel, everyone was excited, and feeling just swell
Rach and I waited until the restaurant was clear, to sneak down to the bar to have another beer; 
“Well, I guess it won’t matter, nothing to do now.”
“Yeah, I’ll get through it I’m sure – I just don’t know how!”
With Ellen and Allyson and Val on the bus, someone mentioned politics and I thought, “Oh, please don’t discuss!”
Soon we were walking, and my mind began to flip. “Why, oh why, did I sign up for this trip??”
Jin suggested a mantra, and that worked for a while, until I realized I’d only walked half a mile!
The last one to lunch, I felt kind of lame. The dal baht was good, but every day will be the same???
I talked with the Lenas and chatted with Rach. Everyone else just said, “Man, you’re really red in the face!”After lunch it was pure torture, 4 hours of step after step after step…
“I’m sure as hell NOT loving this yet!” Luckily we arrived just before the hail and rain. I was so proud of myself. I survived – and without pain!
Day 2 was more steps (I’m going to kill that Razoo!), then finally a forest, Ok, this I can do…
Another delicious lunch then I climbed with all my might. At last I saw the peak – and what an awesome sight! The snow-capped mountains just took my breath away. It’s hard to believe, but I didn’t have anything to say.
I talked with Melissa and Brooke and Michelle. I still had no soreness – all was going quite well.
Had dinner of noodles that Vi and I couldn’t eat, but a hot shower and pillow just couldn’t be beat.
Day 3 at 4 a.m. it was another story, but Isma and I puffed and climbed to God’s glory.
Poon Hill was amazing – all of us together and perfect weather!
After breakfast I just wanted to go back to bed, but we were off on the trail (with more damn steps!) instead.
My camera broke, my legs were like jello, then I met ‘the crazies’ and some other Asian fellow.
With the woods all around me, and my best friend, Ramesh, to remember these moments, was all I could wish.
The day flew by quickly and soon it was night. We were so excited to charge phones and have light!
Day 4 we awoke ‘late,’ and started on our way.  Finally DOWN DOWN! It was a lovely day!
Had a beer before seeing old town, and then, of course, more tea. I just can’t believe all I’ve been able to see.
Suray, Ganoo, and Doc Smiley in the rear – always so helpful to carry our gear.
And now here we are at our final night’s meal, happy and proud yet a bit sad I feel.
It’s been a wonderful vacation…I fell in love with Nepal.
So thanks for the memories – I just adore you all!



  1. A perfect end for the story! The poem was great and the landscapes breathtaking. I must confess I am jealous... in a good way of course!

  2. How fun! A trip of a lifetime, I think.

  3. Have loved reliving our trip! Where can we go next??

  4. The landscape looks absolutely breathtaking. Beautiful photos! Glad you made it!

  5. Thank you so much for linking and sharing this post on Wandering Camera! I enjoyed reading your post as much as seeing the beautiful photos. Congratulations on finishing such an amazing trek!