City Exploring: Seville, The Alcazar

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The Alcazar of Seville was one of my favorite sites we visited in Spain. The Moorish palace (built for a Christian king) with its intricately adorned courtyards, terraces and domed ceilings is a delicate work of art. As it is forbidden in Islam to worship idols or images, inscriptions referring to the greatness of Allah were used along with flowers to decorate the stucco facades.  

It never ceases to impress and aww me when I walk into a building where history makes a connection. Christopher Columbus stood in these very rooms reporting to Ferdinand and Isabella his voyages, Magellan planned his round the world voyage and Amerigo Vespucci tinkered with his maps. 
The Details
Address: Patio de Banderas, 41004 Seville--entrance is adjacent to the Cathedral on the main square. 
Hours: Monday-Sunday 9:30-19:00
Cost: General addmission 9.50€, children under 16 free
Tip: Bring a book and linger in the gardens. Find a quiet bench and enjoy the sound of birds chirping and water gurgling in a fountain. 


  1. Oh this place! I have seen many bloggers feature this and the details are jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

  2. I love that feeling when traveling. Of things going above and beyond expectations.

  3. This place is amazing!
    I really enjoy that feeling of knowing I'm standing in a room where some historical character was years or centuries ago. I like to imagine how it was then.