Cordoba: City Exploring

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Settled during Roman times and a regional capital for the Moors, Cordoba is a delightful town with a few key sites including the Alcazar and Mezquita, a 1000 year old mosque, turned Catholic church. We spent two days here which was plenty of time to take in the sites, see a Flamenco show, stroll the streets and enjoy a few parades. For a hidden gem, walk the back alleyways where we found beautiful gardens and very proud owners willing to share their knowledge. 
The Rick Steves' guide book didn't give the Alcazar a high review, but I quite enjoyed it. It is not as grand as the one in Seville, but the gardens were beautiful and the mosaic room is incredible. Massive room size mosaics were recovered during excavation of the Roman levels of the complex. They've been restored and hang horizontally in the Alcazar. For ticketing information, click here.
The Mezquita, now a Catholic church was originally a mosque and its Islamic flavor has been retained over the years. Tall archways span a vast inner hallway. The columns and capitals are recycled Roman ruins and the Mihrab is an ornately carved and bejeweled room in the back of the mosque where an Imam would have read from the Koran before leading the men in prayer.

The church/mosque is an interesting juxtaposition of decorative styles, belief systems, ideas of what makes a house of God and how one honors Him there. Click here for ticketing information and hours.

This bell tower is built over a minaret which belted out the call to prayer during Moorish rule.

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  1. Amazing images of Cordoba. Seems like you had a lovely time there. Thank you for linking in with Through my Lens.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. This is truly amazing city. I am surprised that you find 2 days plenty of time to spend here. I will take that advise when I start planning for a return to Spain trip.

  3. Stunning pictures :) Such a beautiful city..

  4. What an amazing city. I wanted to go to Seville while I was in Spain, but with only 3 full days and one of those allocated for the wedding I just couldn't fit it in. I guess that means another trip to Spain.

  5. This looks so regal and elegant! Thanks for sharing with us at

  6. Thank you for sharing, Cordoba is beautiful. The Mezquita is a lovely place, I enjoyed going there a lot.

  7. The city looks great. I wanted to visit this year but not sure if it is going to happen.

    1. Hope you get there eventually, it was a great trip!

  8. Córdoba es una ciudad preciosa, una de las maravillas que tenemos en España y su mezquita es Patrimonio de la Humanidad, unas fotos preciosas de nuestra ciudad.
    Saludos desde España.

  9. Stunning Brooke. I always feel like I have traveled right along with you when I visit your site here. You capture the essence of a destination so well.

    Lisa @ Life Thru the Lens