Expat Summer

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As summer of an expat goes, we are back in the United States for the next 7 weeks. It can be a little stressful at first trying to get in all your doctors appointments, taking care of other business matters and then there is the shopping. That may sound odd, as if shopping is a burden, but it somehow feels that way. This year Eden has grown out of everything--from socks and underwear to shorts, shoes and t-shirts. Add to that the need to buy a car and my first week was nothing but racing from one appointment to another, from car dealer to the next, fielding calls from all the salesman wanting to gain my business and making time to get my child outfitted.

That is all behind us now and I feel like we can finally relax. We've driven up to my mother's home in a remote part of Wyoming where we will enjoy a cousin reunion. Most of my siblings along with their kids are converging on mom's house where we have a fun week of non-electronic activities planned for the kids.  Fishing, camping, hiking, sleeping under the stars, rides on the 4 wheeler and trips down to the gas station for a soda pop are all on the docket. Internet will be spotty, so I am going to rerun some posts I wrote a few years ago the last time I was up here. Hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I plan to enjoy mine! 

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  1. know you will enjoy this time! Sounds like a lot of work though getting resettled.