Historic Cove Fort

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Situated near the junction of 1-15 and 1-70 in Utah, the site of Cove Fort is a one mile detour worth taking. I've driven past the fort dozens of times over the years, but had only been once and since Eden had never been we decided to pull off and have a look. 

Beginning in 1847, pioneers began settling the high mountain valleys stretching from Idaho to California  The fort was built at the request of Brigham Young,  to offer protection and refreshment to travelers, it also became a stop along the Pony Express and was a stage coach stop. 

The fort is made of lava rock, which workers hauled from west of the property. The fort is 100 square feet, 18.5 feet tall, 4 feet thick at the footings and 2.5 feet thick at the top. Ira Hinkley, who oversaw the fort with his family for 10 years, was determined to live peacefully with the indians and consequently  never saw battle. 

Eden and I stopped only intending to take a quick 10 minute break, but we ended up taking the 45 minute tour that included a video outlining the history and purpose of the fort. A sweet elderly woman then walked us around the site showing each room and giving us details about fort life. I am pretty sure even with the modern conveniences the fort had, prairie life would have been difficult and I am glad to be a woman living today. 

The Details
Address: Cove Fort exit off 1-15/1-70
Hours: 9am-dusk
Cost: Free
Tips: 45 minute guided tours are offered by knowledgable staff--Picnic tables and restrooms available


  1. Never heard of this place, but sounds like worth a visit next time we head to Utah!

  2. What a nice surprise visit to the fort. It looks very cosy inside and the foxgloves? are beautiful