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Originally posted in October 2015

Home. Where is home?...my daughter and I were discussing this tonight as she was having one of those "I hate being so far from my family"moments.

I get comments all the time from people who "wish" they had our life, or see our life as one big adventure. They are jealous (in the best way) of all the travel we do and oh, the praise I get for raising children with a world awareness. It's true, our chosen path has been and continues to be an adventure. We are blessed with travel privileges and my kids are benefiting, but there are trade offs to be sure! I have often pined away for the stability of living in one spot. Surrounded by family, hosting holiday dinners, attending special events and actually being a relevant person in the lives of my nieces and nephews.

We really have no place to call home. We have no place to return to. Yes, we can crash at Nana's, Grandma's, Aunty K's, Papa's,  Leslie's, Nate's, or Aaron's (thank goodness we have a big family), but there is something about having an anchor, your own anchor. Creating meaningful relationships is not done easily with only snippets of time each summer. It is trendy to say home is where your family is, but what happens when your family is NOT in the same spot?

The photos in this post were taken over the summer while visiting my mother in Wyoming. Cokeville is not home, but it's the closest thing to stable we have for now.  I grew up visiting my grandma here and now I take my children there. It's a small ranching town short on entertainment and restaurants, but it is a place where we can slow down, breath deeply, ride the 4 wheelers, float down the river and hike in the clean air.  And for the time being it is the place where we will foster relationships with those cousins we only see during the summer.


  1. I can relate a little to what you're saying. HK is "home" for now, but our families (parents, siblings, etc.) are oceans away. We do travel plenty because of that. There are pros and cons... We all just try to focus on the positives.

  2. What a well written blog. I appreciate the sentiment, although as an Asian my family and I still live near each other. We don't get to see them often, but at least we know they're 5 minutes drive away.

  3. I sometimes feel like I haven't found my true home yet. But I'm enjoying the search.

  4. I know exactly what you mean... there's advantages and disadvantages on both sides, so as long as you enjoy the lifestyle you chose it's ok.