National Oregon Trail Museum

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When you are traveling with kids you have to be selective on what will hold their interest and in this day of chronic internet, it can be challenging just to get them to leave the house. Thankfully, having the cousins together is a big motivator and what I am finding over and over is, we don't need big expensive activities to keep them happy--simply providing a park is often all they need. 

The small town of Montpelier, ID is just 30 minutes away from my parent's house. It's where we grocery shop, bank, catch a movie and in our case, visit the Oregon Trail Museum. The museum offers a very well done 45 minute tour which is just enough to keep the interest of the children. 

The staff did a great job of involving the kids during our tour, the gift shop out front sells the most delicious caramels and there are picnic tables and a park on the property. It makes for a really nice activity. 
The Details
Address: 320 North 4th St. Montpelier, ID 83254
Cost: $12/adults, $9/youth, $5/kids
Hours: Sunday-Th 9am-5pm, Friday/Saturday open till 7pm

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  1. I remember going to a museum outside of Portland that was about the Lewis and Clark expedition. It's nice to visit small museums in small cities/towns.