Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

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I recently acquired a 6 week old puppy and it has turned our household upside down. It is truly like bringing a newborn home, throwing off our schedule and requiring more of my time.  I've not blogged for two whole weeks, but I am away on an archaeological dig for the next 8 days and have some time to catch up. 

In an effort to build tourism, Sri Lanka has sunk money into preserving its cultural sites.  The ruins of Polonnaruwa are the remains of an 11th century ancient city. Serving as a religious and economic center the city flourished under rulers who made intelligent choices for water usage. Temples, stupas, water gardens and artificial lakes adorn the site. Monkeys add an element of of excitement as they play in trees or daringly approach tourists who have food in their hands.  Unfortunately, Polonnaruwa's  hayday only lasted about 100 years before being conquered. 

The architecture here is stunning as evidenced in the intricately carved stella and details on the temples.