Brugge City Walk

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"Brugge (in Flemish), Bruges (in Waloon French), the Bridges (in English) is one of the most delightful small cities in Europe.The old city within a ring canal is virtually unchanged since the 16th century. Laced with canals with hundreds of bridges, it is a Venice of the North. It boasts of a large town square in front of the massive bell tower, 15th and 16th century guild houses, magnificent Gothic architecture in its provincial buildings, a lovely Madonna and Child of Michelangelo's in the Church of Our Lady and some of the finest dining in the world. About an hour by train from Brussels, it is one of Europe's treasures." Wes Fowler Fodors

I couldn't agree more with Wes. We'd been to Brugge once before, in the winter and it was a quick visit, so a return trip was in order. Brugge doesn't have any big time power sites, rather it's just a pleasant historic town whose walls and architecture do all the talking.  Grab a guide (we always carry Rick Steves') and discover what makes this place so charming. 
Accommodation Recommendation: B&B Camelias
We rented the family suite on the top floor and found it spacious and decorated very tastefully. Loved the big kitchen and full size fridge that allowed us to eat in. Relaxing at the end of the day in a proper living room was so nice and our hosts were really pleasant and enjoyable to visit with. We would definitely stay here again. 
Restaurant Recommendation:  Bones Brugge   Admittedly, we did not eat local, but when pork is available, we take advantage. We didn't have a reservation and it was close to closing time, but they seated us on the condition that we would eat ribs, okay, twist my arm.  Yum, yum, sticky, messy fingers yum.

My absolute favorite picture of the vacation! 
Begijnhof--a community for single pious women. Has become a tourist attraction known for being a quiet refuge from the city and a delightful garden of flowers.
Aww, I just love European architecture.

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  1. Now you make me want ribs. Will have to look to see if any place offers them in Frankfurt as that is the largest city near us and we can only find pretty traditional German food here along with a doner or Chinese.