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Wow, it has been a while since I blogged. I am not inspired anymore. Maybe it's Saudi, perhaps it is simply that we left Germany. Maybe it is my age or that our family dynamic has changed. Whatever it is, I've simply lost the passion for blogging that I once had. My husband has remarked on a number of occasions that I haven't blogged this or that and as the year progresses towards Fall I realize if I am going to print our yearly family blog book then I've actually got to write it!

During our first year in Saudi I left the country 3x prior to Easter, but this year I didn't leave at all and it was a long haul from summer to Easter. These next few posts will be from our Spring Break trip to Amsterdam. It was a much needed escape and we fell in love with the city.
First up, Zaans Schans. What a charming little village. It may be a little kitsch, but it provided great photo opps of traditional Danish images. Think clogs, cheese and windmills. It's sort of an outdoor history museum and we found it charming.
The Details
Click Zaans Schans for hours, fees, location. 
How to get there: We took took a 20 minute train from Amsterdam's main station to the modern village of  Zaans Schans. Get off at Zaandijk-Zaanse Schans. From there it is a 15 minute walk over the waterway to the park. 
Fee: Most exhibits are free, but a few do charge a small fee (2-4€)  to enter. 

The clogging museum is really interesting. Exhibits tell the history of clogs, highlight the different styles and demonstrations illustrate how clogs are made. Great thing is, you can purchase those demo clogs for 2€. They are plain and may crack, but they are cheap and are a fun way to grow bulbs like in the photo above. 

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  1. I went here with my mother about 10 years ago and we loved it!