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Having lived in Germany, I know a lot about WW2, but know virtually nothing about WW1. We took a day trip to visit Ypres, its fantastic museum and the trenches that date to 1914. 
St. Martin's Cathedral--The first church on this site was finished in 1370.
The In Flanders Fields Museum is housed in that building with the bell tower in the picture below. The museum is first rate! With the use of technology visitors can really connect with the personal stories told here. The retelling of Christmas Eve from the perspective of the opposing sides was really touching--even high school girls were tearing up.

Personal affects such as diaries, uniforms and mess kits humanize the war effort. Artifacts from a recently excavated bunker that lay hidden for 50 years are on display--you can even watch a video of the excavation. I can't say enough about the museum, it was that good.

It is hard to believe that these peaceful fields were once the sight of much pain and destruction.