Stonehenge: Inner Circle

11:21:00 AM Brooke Neal 1 Comments

Best money I spent was getting us Stonehenge Inner Circle Access. Only available on a limited basis and only before or after regular open hours, the Inner Circle Access gets you just that--inside the walls of Stonehenge and with only 30 guests, it feels much more authentic and less of a tourist trap. You have to call to book in advance, but it's a pretty easy process otherwise. 

This is a post with a lot of pictures that look the same, but believe I whittled it down from 100. I don't know that my husband would agree with me that it was worth the effort and extra expense to have alone time with the stones, but I thought it was great. One thing we were not prepared for was how cold it would be. Even in mid July it was windy and much to cool for the t-shirt and shorts we were wearing. 

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  1. How fun! We went in May and it was raining and freezing. I thought I was going to die! We didn't spend much time there as I was so utterly cold. Had a good time in Bath though which was not nearly as cold. That is surprising that in July it was so cold.