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The main draw to Versailles is to see the splendid palace and it was for me too, although this time not only did I come to see an incredible palace built for kings, I came to see the Versailles temple built by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. For members of the church temples are the most holy buildings where marriages and other ordinances are performed. Prior to a temple being dedicated, the public is invited to tour the building, but once it is dedicated only members of the church are allowed inside. 

The Versailles temple is a beautiful nod to Parisian artistry in its stained glass windows, art deco motifs and floral patterns. Enjoy the photos of both buildings--one built for an earthly king, who lost his head, the other built for one who willingly gave his.  


  1. Both places are on my list of to do's! My husband has a conf next fall in Paris and I plan to go with him. Lovely!

  2. I love travelogue. I read every blog with excitement. The place mentioned Versailles seem to be beautiful and the traditional Parisian touch to temple makes it enchanting. Thank you so much for included one more place in my places to visit list.