Cruising Part 1: Copenhagen

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We took a cruise--our first one ever--back at the beginning of September. I formulated all these opinions I planned to share, but at the end of the day who really cares.  No two opinions are ever the same, as evidenced in my own family. While I did not enjoy the cruise concept, my husband thought it was great! I've found cruise opinions vary widely depending on which demographic you are speaking to, so while my photos will  highlight some of the sights, I will share what worked and didn't work for our family.

Our cruise was on the Norwegian Getaway. The itinerary, the Baltic Sea, our disembarkation point was Copenhagen. With only a day and a half to explore and suffering from lack of sleep we only scratched the surface of what I am sure is a great European city.

We took a free walking tour which was literally one of the best I've taken in Europe. Our guide was young, energetic, clever, funny and full of interesting information about not just his city, but politics and government. He moved quickly which meant we covered a lot of ground in just a few hours.
Those life jackets are an art piece bringing light to the many refugees who put their lives at risk on the open waters in hopes of reaching a better life on some other distant shore.

The embarkation process in Copenhagen could not have been easier. I was impressed with Norwegian's check in procedures. They were clear, efficient and within about 45 minutes we were sitting in our cabin. Getting out to the port was simple--we took a taxi to save time,  but upon our return we used public transportation to get back into the city--it was cheap and efficient.

I will continue to review the cruise over the next few days.


  1. Copenhagen is gorgeous, you should definitely go back. And then take a train and visit Sweden as well :)