Cruising Part 2: Warnemunde, German

6:30:00 AM Unknown 3 Comments

So, our first port of call was advertised as Berlin, but anyone who knows geography knows Berlin is no where near the sea. We actually docked in Warnemunde which is a small, sleepy resort town, certainly not big enough to entertain you for a full day. Rather than take the train 3 hours into Berlin for a whirlwind tour, we chose to arrange a tour with Friends of Dave that took us to Wismar and Schwerin after a short tour of Warnemunde. 

I would recommend Friends of Dave for the traveler who is perhaps timid and wants to be dropped off and picked up at every step. For those who are more adventurous, you could totally do this tour on your own. In hindsight, we should have rented a car. We like to be a bit more autonomous, but the tour was good and sometimes it is nice to just go with easy. We had great weather as we explored 3 new towns.
The nice thing about Germany is that the architecture never disappoints. Castles, churches and hamlets abound.


  1. I love how that one pink building looks like it is about to fall down, and ever so grateful that Germany finds meaning in still perserving these quirky buildings for the rest of of us to enjoy.

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